We buy all your gift that you did not use, Mobil phone with receipt and guaranty. For all things we buy, we require receipt and guaranty where it is possible. Our purpose is to give you a reasonable price for your new item, whatever is an electronic gadget or a cooking machine in order to solve problems that many people are facing where they can get a gift of a phone while they have another quite new one. Normally the communication companies pay 1000-1500 kr. for new phones. But for us, we give a real value to your gadget or phone.


We sell things that we bought from first user, though we give guaranty, we are not selling the real used, I mean things that people want to throughout. We emphasize on quality of what we are selling and that it is why you cannot find all kinds of item in our shop. We do also sell items for our customer in our shop. All depend on you your time and the quality of merchandise you have or you want to buy.

NEW!!! African

We have food from Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, DRC and Cameroon. We have cloths from all over Africa and decorations from Rwanda/Burundi and Uganda. We want to build a bridge where people who want to test organic equatorial food can get it without going to Africa, Brazil or Middle East.

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